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The Department of English has been in existence ever since the inception of the college in 1971. The study of Englishwas made mandatory for all degree programmes.

The Department of English seeks to make students proficient in all the four basic skills of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Towards this end it offers a Foundation Course in English, the textbooks being prepared by the faculty members of the Department. The Department also conducts Soft Skills classes for both the Undergraduate and Post Graduate students. Personality Enrichment Programme forms an integral part of these classes.

List of successive Heads of the Department:

S.No.         Names        Period
1 Prof. A. Gopala Krishnan 1971-1976
2 Prof. B. Arthanareeswaran  1976-1991
3 Prof.P. Titus      1991-1997
4 Dr. T. G. Joseph          1997-2008
5 Dr. RosalinVijaya 2008-2010
6 Dr. C.N. Eswari     2010-2016
7 Prof. B. Kumaran   2016 to date


  • To help students communicate effectively in English.
  • To cater to the students from the rural background and underprivileged sections of the society.
  • The course content includes pieces from literature that provide valuable lessons of life, instilconfidence and skills necessary for students to face the challenges of life.
  • To familiarize the students with correct pronunciation, stress and intonation through tailor-made activities in the Language Laboratory.


  • The Vision of the department is to develop students holistically, to make them better human beings by exposing them to the nuances of the English language.
  • To instil moral values in the students, teach them Life coping skills and make them employment ready.


  • To improve the communication skills of the students by giving them the opportunity to exhibit their spoken and written skills in various competitions within and outside the college. 
  • Develop their self confidence by giving them opportunities for compering programmes in the college
  • Insist on their reading speeches of famous leaders which would instil a sense of pride in them and motivate them to develop a positive attitude to life
  • To constantly update the curriculum to match it with the ever changing demands of the job market.

Program Outcomes

  • Students are equipped with the language-oriented courses at the undergraduate leveland post graduate level that are considered prerequisites for making them job ready
  • The course aims to develop the communication skills of learners at the undergraduate and post graduate level
  • The tasks, activities and exercises are based on the principles of Communicative language teaching
  • The course is both learner-centred and highly interactive
  • The course aims to develop the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills of the learner

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Department Association Activities

The Department of English regularly conducts Guest Lectures, Workshops for the students.A variety of competitions such as Poster Making Competition, Spell Bee, Quiz, Essay Writing, Short Story Writing and Poetry Writing Competitions are conducted every year.The Department also encourages the students to exhibit their talents under the banner called “Talent Hut”.This is organized every Thursday during the Tea Break for about 20 minutes in the Assembly Square.

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