Department Of Physics - Shift 1


The Department of Physics was established in the year 1971. Initially classes were conducted only for Pre University students. In the year 1972, ancillary Physics was introduced for BSc Chemistry and Mathematics major students. In the year 1983, the department got affiliation from Madras University for the B.Sc major programme.

List of Successive HODs

Prof R.D Rajan                                               1971  to  1979

Prof S. Balasubramaniam                                1979  to  1997

Prof S. Krishanaswamy                                  1997  to  2005

Prof S.P Thavamani                                        2005  to  2008

Prof V. Ramakrishna                                      2008  to  2011

Prof K. Namasivayam                                     2011  to  date


  • To inculcate the basic concepts of Physics
  • To Create awareness in Science and Technology
  • To make the students employable
  • To help the students to pursue higher studies
  • Updating the students with recent trends in Physics and related industry 
  • To be innovative and inclusive: committed to excellence in teaching and knowledge transfer and to serve the social, cultural and economic needs of the nation.
  • To impart knowledge and skills to students equipping them to be ready to face the emerging challenges to the knowledge area.
  • To prepare the students to work for societal transformation with commitment to justice and equality.


  • Post Graduated department - 2018.
  • Research Department - 2019.


  • Pierre group learning - Each one teach one.
  • Remedial classes for Tamil medium students.
  • Special classes by the staff for the bright students to undergo IIT, JAM courses.
  • To enhance more physics students in NCC (Air wing) and NSS activities.
  •  Special practical classes conducted for the students participating in extracurricular activities.
  • Counselling is done for the students by the staff in the department according to their need. 
  • Copy of study materials is given to slow learners for better understanding.
  • Students are guided to take higher education courses according to the desire.
  • Endowment prizes are given for best outgoing student for their academic excellence. 

Program Outcomes

  • The study of matter and its motion and behaviour through space and time, along with related concept.
  • The programme tests the validity of Physical theories in a Scientific Method.
  • Using a methodical approach to compare the implications of a theory with the conclusions drawn from its related experiments.   
  • Observations are used to test the validity of a theory in a logical, unbiased, and repeatable way.   
  • Numerical methods and mathematical approach involved in physics leading to research.   

Staff Achievement

Prof K. Namasivayam - Head of the department

  • Acquired his Doctorate in “India Pakistan Missile race and its strategic implications : a  study.” – 2015. 

Prof S. Gurulakshmi 

  • Paper presentation on the title “Study of PVA/CA/NH4SCN/Ethylene Carbonate/Al2O3 Polymer Nano-Composite Electrolyte System”, at the International Conference on Materials storage and Energy Conversion (ICRTMSA2016), Organized by Department of Physics, Jamal Mohamed College held on 29th February 2016. 

Prof V.Ulagendran:     

  • Paper published on the title “Influence of fused aromatic ring on the stability of charge transfer complex between iodine and some five membered heterocyclic molecules through ultrasonic and spectral studies”, Journal of Molecular Structure 1141 (2017) 213-219. 

Student Achievement


  • Overall championship trophy Winner during 2015-16
  • Overall championship trophy   Runner during 2016-17
  • Miss Meenakshi Crowned as Miss ZINITH GNC 2017 
  • For being the cultural secretary and bagging maximum number of prizes.
  • She was also a NCC air wing cadet with maximum number of Flying hours.
  • She excelled in academics too.
  • Department of Physics won the College overall cricket championship.


  • R. Sairam of 2013-16 batch got selected as a Fighter Pilot in Indian Air Force. Great honour to the department as well as to the institution.
  • R. Sairam and N. Kirubhakar got the best cadet award in All India Vayusena Camp.
  • Miss Kavia Dilip of 2015-18 batch got selected for Republic Day Parade without attending any selection. A reward to her sustained excellence in the leadership camp.

Department Association Activities

  • Inaugural addresses are given by prominent physicist and Industrialist
  • Students are given maximum demos by eminent professors from IIT Chennai to motivate and create interest in physics
  • Students are given technical training to become more employable
  • Endowment prizes are given to meritorious students.
  • Conducting Competition on paper presentation in “Physics in Modern day” and quiz competition for every year. 
  • Cultural events like solo singing, solo dance, group dance and Talent show will be organized on the first week of February every year.
  • Department of physics conducts the ENGRAZIO a “Token of love” every year.   
  • Prof R. Ananthan Founder Indian physics society,    inaugurated and explained the “popular misconceptions of physics” - 2013 
  • Dr T.S. Natarajan  professor, IIT  on the topic “learning by doing” - 2014 
  • Dr Arul Mozhi, USA,  enlightened on the topic “ earth quake propagation”  - 2015.          
  • Dr Ganesan, Head,  Department  of medical physics, Anna university, detailed on laser medicine - 2016. 

Prominent Alumni

Dr Palanivel     - Young Scientist awardee, Head of the Department – Physics,  Pondicherry University. 
Dr. Bharath    - Scientist   BARC
Mr. Natarajan - MS from Indian Institute of Science, Centre, Bangalore. 
R. Sairam         - 2013-16 batch got selected as a Fighter Pilot in Indian Air Force. 

Research Projects Received



Contact Details

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