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No other Botany Department of any other city college in Madras can boast of having such an ideal, sylvan, salubrious atmosphere as the Department of Botany in our own Guru Nanak College.  

This department came into existence in 1984 due to the initiative and untiring efforts of Prof. R. GOPAL, our former Head of the Department.  Prior to this, the two staff members of Botany Department ( Prof. R. Gopal & Prof. D. Alphonse), handling the subject at the ancillary level to the B. Sc. Zoology classes belonged to the unified Department of Natural Science along with the staff of the Zoology department. 

The bifurcation and upgradation of the department of Natural Science into department of Zoology and Botany took place when the university granted temporary affiliation to B. Sc. Botany course in 1984.  The University Commission appointed for granting temporary affiliation of Botany degree course consisted of Prof. Kesar Chander, Principal, EthirajCollege, Chennai, Convenor and Prof. Farhathullah, Vice-Principal, NewCollege. 

Being satisfied with the infrastructure facilities and qualifications of the faculty members, the commission readily recommended affiliation to B. Sc. Botany course in our college.  With the addition of Prof. S. Natarajan, who had his post graduation from AnnamalaiUniversity joining us in January 1986, followed by two more staff members Prof. A. Sethuraman (from AnnamalaiUniversity) and Prof. V. Umarani (from Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai), the department had a full complement of 5 staff members. 

The department offers Horticulture as Elective subject.  We had an experimental Garden behind the New Sind Block where practical training was imparted to the students in raising flowering annuals, kitchen garden components etc.  I was happy to report that some of our students have taken to Floriculture as their full-time occupation and find it a profitable and rewarding experience.  

A special University Commission consisting of Prof. Sivaramakrishnan of PresidencyCollege and Prof. Raghavan, PrincipalNandanamArtsCollege inspected our College in 1993 and recommended permanent affiliation to the department for the B. Sc. Degree course.  

Many of our past students have continued their studies further and obtained their M. Sc., and M. Phil., degree elsewhere.  It is our fond hope that some of them would acquire their doctoral degree in the near future. 

In the year 2007 two staff members are joined as Assistant professors namely, Dr. M. Gopi and Dr. Poonam sethi in their place of Prof. C. Komathivanan and Prof. D. Alphonse. 

We are proud to announce that our department recently getting guide ship to Ph. D. program affiliated to MadrasUniversity.  Dr. S. Natarajan and Dr. V. Umarani had got the Ph. D. guide ship from 2011.  Now our Department has 8 students registered Ph. D. program under Dr. S. Natarajan, 2 students under Dr. V. Umarani.

In the year 2017 one more staff Dr. E. Gayathiri joined as Assistant Professor in the place of Dr. V. Uma Rani. The department has been producing fairly good results in the University examinations.  Our best results were in 1988 and in 1996 when our passes were more than 75%.  Successively our department bears 6 to 8 ranks almost every year. We have initiated certain special measures to improve the student’s performance in general.  

The department owes a great deal to the management for providing us an opportunity to serve the poor students in our neighbourhood.   The management has provided the department with all infrastructure support including a spacious staff room and laboratory.  They are a great incentive to the students and the staff alike. On account of the retirement of Prof. D. Alphonse, in May 2007, Dr. S. Natarajan, senior most Prof. on the faculty was elevated as the Head of the Department.  At present the department has strength of 5 teachers and 2 lab. assistant and in all.    

On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of our college, we rededicate ourselves to the service of the students entrusted to our care.  


Our mission is to strive for an excellent environment for learning and research in Botany / plant sciences and produce graduates equipped with skills necessary to fulfill their role in contemporary society.


Our vision is to maintain our position as the premier department of higher learning and research in Botany / plant sciences and to further commit ourselves to academic excellence.


  • To gain knowledge of the importance of plants & acquire skill in drawing by observation in its natural condition.
  • To know nutritive value of plants & its usage in alternative medicine like Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani
  • To create awareness about extinct plants.
  • “Earn while you learn” can be acquired by growing some medicinal plants and mushrooms.
  • To develop skill in students to growing horticultural plants and raising a nursery.
  • To gain a knowledge of molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques.

Program Outcomes

This classical science deals with not merely the morphology of plants but also their functional aspects and economic importance.

To justify this we would like to : - To restructure and redesign the course,

  1. Understand Biodiversity –   totality of genes, species, and ecosystems.
  2. Conservation - maintaining the health of the natural world & its habitats

Staff Achievement

UG department becomes full-fledged research oriented department as well as application oriented subjects are handled by faculty members.

  1. Dr. S. Natarajan visited many foreign countries and presented a research papers.
  2. Dr. S. Natarajan completed Research project entitled Pharmacological investigation of Tabebuia regia   funded by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology.
  3. Dr. A. Sethuraman, selected as a senate member in Madras University.
  4. In recognition of performance in the Ph. D. Degree Examination of Dr. M. Gopi, Madras University was awarded Prof. R. Kalyanasundaram Memorial cash Prize of Rs. 5000/- during the 152nd Annual Convocation of Madras University held on January 19, 2010.
  5. Ms. Poonam Sethi and Dr. E. Gayathiri   are rank holders and got the awards for the best performance.

Student Achievement

Most of the students are top position like Botanic Survey of India, Scientist in India, USA, Korea , Indian Parliament, Research & Development, Govt. Organisation etc.

Department Association Activities

  • FUSHIA - for Plant Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology Association Activities
  • Tree census Programme
  • Industrial Visit
  • Botanical Study tour

Prominent Alumni

The Alumni play a vital role in Institutional building. To take a walk down the corridors of Nostalgia, the Fuchsia Alumni Meet 2017, was conducted  by Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology on 15.8.2017
Mr. S. Shankar was selected  as President 
Ms. Shivashakari as Vice- president,and 
Mr. Dinesh Gajendran as Secretary .All the Alumni promised  to strengthen  the Departmentof PBPBT

Research Projects Received

Pharmacological investigation of Tabebuia regia   funded by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology.


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