Department Of Plant Biology And Biotechnology - Shift 1


The department offers Horticulture as Elective subject.  We had an experimental Garden behind the New Sind Block where practical training was imparted to the students in raising flowering annuals, kitchen garden components etc.  I was happy to report that some of our students have taken to Floriculture as their full-time occupation and find it a profitable and rewarding experience.  

    A special University Commission consisting of Prof. Sivaramakrishnan of Presidency College and Prof. Raghavan, Principal Nandanam Arts College inspected our College in 1993 and recommended permanent affiliation to the department for the B. Sc. Degree course.  

    Many of our past students have continued their studies further and obtained their M. Sc., and M. Phil., degree elsewhere.  It is our fond hope that some of them would acquire their doctoral degree in the near future. 

    In the year 2007 two staff members are joined as Assistant professors namely, Dr. M. Gopi and Dr. Poonam sethi in their place of Prof. C. Komathivanan and Prof. D. Alphonse. 

    We are proud to announce that our department recently getting guide ship to Ph. D. program affiliated to Madras University.  Dr. S. Natarajan and Dr. V. Umarani had got the Ph. D. guide ship from 2011.  Now our Department has 8 students registered Ph. D. program under Dr. S. Natarajan, 2 students under Dr. V. Umarani.

    In the year 2017 one more staff Dr. E. Gayathiri joined as Assistant Professor in the place of Dr. V. Uma Rani. The department has been producing fairly good results in the University examinations.  Our best results were in 1988 and in 1996 when our passes were more than 75%.  Successively our department bears 6 to 8 ranks almost every year. We have initiated certain special measures to improve the student’s performance in general.  

    The department owes a great deal to the management for providing us an opportunity to serve the poor students in our neighbourhood.   The management has provided the department with all infrastructure support including a spacious staff room and laboratory.  They are a great incentive to the students and the staff alike. On account of the retirement of Prof. D. Alphonse, in May 2007, Dr. S. Natarajan, senior most Prof. on the faculty was elevated as the Head of the Department.  At present the department has strength of 5 teachers and 2 Lab Assistant and in all.    After the retirement of Dr. S. Natarajan, in May 2018, Dr. M. Gopi, senior most Professors on the faculty was elevated as the Head of the Department.  Subsequently two management staff members Dr. A.C. Tangavelou and Dr. S. Nirmalraj     were appointed in the place of Dr. S. Natarajan and Dr. A. Sethuraman after their retirement.  New Laboratory Assistant Mr. Sardar Harwinder Singh  was appointment  for this Academic year 

    On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of our college, we rededicate ourselves to the service of the students entrusted to our care.


Earnest endeavors towards imparting fundamental and essential subject knowledge and also to incorporate new emerging frontiers knowledge in the curriculum to keep up with the contemporary academic trends


To establish a viable and conducive environment for the conduct of learning and research in plant sciences and equip the graduate with updated skills to seek their professional pursuits.


  • Keep abreast with the emerging trends in teaching and learning processes and produce necessary facilities for ‘innovative research in plant sciences.
  • Identify and publicize the significance of ‘flora’  in curbing the contemporary malefic issues like environmental degradation, carbon foot prints and green house effects etc.
  • To provide the knowledge of traditional medicine and its efficacy in health care management.
  • To identify and promote the medicinal plant cultivation as a viable commercial endeavor to the students.
  • To provide basic and fundamental knowledge in plant science and also equip them students for advance molecular and genetic research program

Program Outcomes

One of the best things about plant science is the number of different specialties and career opportunities from which we can choose. This diversity allows people with different backgrounds, aptitudes, and interests to find satisfying careers in plant biology. More than many other scientific fields, botany continues to provide opportunities for women as well as men. There are few things more fulfilling than to work in a job that is both fun to do and a benefit to others. One can be a part of any reputed organization as a plant explorer, conservationist, ecologist, environment consultant, horticulturist, plant Physiologist, nursery manager, genetics, molecular biologist, taxonomist, plant pathologist, and farming consultant.Moreover the application of plant sciences improves the yield and supply of food products, fibers, building materials and other plant products like medicines, chemicals and other bio products like antibiotics, bio pesticides etc.  The knowledge of plant sciences is essential for development and management of forests, parks, waste lands, sea wealth etc. 

Few of the industries which one can work with are

 Chemical Industry , Food Companies, Arboretum, Forest Services, Biotechnology Firms, Oil Industry, Land Management Agencies, Seed And Nursery Companies, Plant Health Inspection Services, National Parks, Biological Supply Houses, Plant Resources Laboratory, Educational Institutions.

Staff Achievement

UG department becomes full-fledged research oriented department as well as application oriented subjects are handled by faculty members.

  1. Dr. S. Natarajan visited many foreign countries and presented a research papers.
  2. Dr. S. Natarajan completed Research project entitled Pharmacological investigation of Tabebuia regia   funded by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology.
  3. Dr. A. Sethuraman, selected as a senate member in Madras University.
  4. In recognition of performance in the Ph. D. Degree Examination of Dr. M. Gopi, Madras University was awarded Prof. R. Kalyanasundaram Memorial cash Prize of Rs. 5000/- during the 152nd Annual Convocation of Madras University held on January 19, 2010.
  5. Ms. Poonam Sethi and Dr. E. Gayathiri   are rank holders and got the awards for the best performance.

Student Achievement

Most of the students are top position like Botanic Survey of India, Scientist in India, USA, Korea , Indian Parliament, Research & Development, Govt. Organisation etc.

Department Association Activities

A REPORT ON INDUSTRIAL VISIT  to Plant Quarantine ( Chennai) - Date: 1/08/2018


Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology.

STAFF INCHARGE: Dr. Poonam Sethi, Dr. S. Nirmalraj.


The objective of the visit was to assess the actual progress accomplished by Plant quarantine  unit to meet the requirement of Quality assurance on plant products & Phytosanitation.


 The aim of the Plant quarantine is to  protect our plant life from ravages of destructive pests by preventing their entry, establishment and spread and thereby increasing agriculture productivity in order to improve the economy of our country. To facilitate export certification of plants and plant products for safe global trade in agricultural commodities and thereby fulfilling our legal obligations under the international agreements. To adopt safe quarantine practices to protect our environment.

The one day industrial visit was organised by the Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology  under the valuable guidance of Dr. S. Nirmalraj , Poonam sethi. On 1st  August 2018 the industrial visit started at 8.45 am with 38 students and 2 staff members. Students enjoyed the scenic journey from College Campus to Pallavaram Plant quarantine station, we reached the designation  about 10.10 am. We were present there a few minutes before the stipulated time started, Certain Instructions were given for us with regard to our general behaviour inside the premises.

 Plant Quarantine Incharge Dr. Vanniyaraj  , Deputy Director, plant Protection and Mr.Ramesh Inspector, Weed science  was very courteous to appoint four Lab engineers to instruct the procedure of their  The students were divided in to four groups accompanied by the staff of college to go for the factory tour.


The introductory class was on the standard methods   intended to facilitate the safe export, shipment, import and release of biological control agents and beneficial organisms. This standard prescribes the responsibilities of NPPOs of importing/exporting countries and other relevant agencies or organizations, importers and exporters on risk management related to the export, shipment, import and release of biological control agents and beneficial organisms. The Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, on behalf of the NPPO, shall carry out pest risk analysis of intended import of biological control agents and beneficial organisms prior to allowing the import and before recommending for inundate release; ensure to hold them under containment facilities, while under quarantine testing before granting clearance for release into the environment; and maintain appropriate records relevant to import and release of biological control agents and beneficial organisms..


We visited the shop floor at around 11:15 am. We were shown the various types of Pathology, Entomology, Weed science , Seed pathology, Bio-Instrumentation , Light House and all its different application-based variants. The safety precautions, general working and the various certifications achieved by the organization was elaborated about. We were briefed about the Job Opportunities, Internships and their Work Culture.

As we moved out of the facility, we recollected everything we witnessed today as we bid a warm goodbye to our guide. After this we boarded our train and safely returned back to our college.

FUSCHIA 2018 – Inauguration Day

The Department association inauguration was held  on the 2nd  August 2018 in the Guru Ramdas Hall . Dr. Ganesh Venkatraman, Professor, Department of Human Genetics, College of Biomedical Sciences Technology & Research, Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai was the chief guest. He is the Alumni of our Department .

The session started with an opening "Thamizh Thai Vazhthu" by S. Pradhiksha and Aarthi. B. Jayashree B (students of  PBPBT– 1st semester) followed by College prayer song by Anshu Yadav, Preethi, and Vincy (students of  PBPBT– 3rd  semester) .

With this lamp lighting we like to thank goddess of knowledge for blessing us. Followed by Lamp lighting ceremony , It’s like goddess is  blessing  us with more and more success in our department  and further in life. Felicitation  are a way to respect the Guest of Honour which  inculcate good behaviour and spirit. Our Chief Guest was felicitated by Our Department staff members.


The welcome speech given by Dr. Gopi, HOD, Assistant Professor . He started with a famous Quote “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. Khalil Gibran. He also remembered that “The 2nd August is a most memorable science events day in 1932 Carl David Anderson discovers photographs a positron, the first known antiparticle. The positron or anti electron is the antiparticle or the antimatter counterpart of the electron.

It was followed by the speech by the Introducing the Chief guest by the Vice President   Dr. A. C. Tangavelou  of the Fuschia 2018 Association. He started of  by giving an introduction the chief guest to the students and delivered the inaugural address. Then he moved on to a motivational talk which included a lot of experiences from work experience both within the industry and as academician. He stressed the importance of “Taxonomy the Hunger of knowledge and Discipline to know about the morphology of Plant”. He also encouraged the students to make it a habit to read the “  Plant for a Day “ everyday .

Later it was followed by the Special lecture by Dr. Ganesh Venkatraman sir , who gave a brief note on the History of Molecular biology and the recent advances in Science field He was quite impressed by the response of some our students that he even mentioned that he is willing to He invited our Final year student to visit the Ramachandra university research Laboratory in the future.

The event concluded by the vote of thanks by the student association President- Priyadharshini. E (PBPBT– Vth   semester)  .

  The inauguration session was ended with national anthem.

Prominent Alumni


  • It is reported with pleasure that the Alumni Meet 2018 was conducted on 15.08.2018 [Wednesday]. 45 Alumni participated in the Alumni Meet .
  • Welcome address was given by Dr. M. Gopi, Alumni Convener, Asst.  Professor & Head, Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology
  • Dr. A. Sethuraman , Retired, Associate Professor, Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology was the Guest of Honor
  • Dr. M. Gopi  addressed the gathering and introduced the new staffs to the alumni’s.
  • Mr. Dinesh Gajendran, Catalyst & Executive Director , Audacious Dreams Foundation, the Secretary of the PBPBT alumni  assured that he will be ready to associate with the college for any type of help which is needed from his side as an alumnus.
  • Mrs. Sivashankari Vice-president addressed the gathering  sharing her happiness by seeing the alumni in renowned position and having expressed their willingness for doing the best for the Department.
  • Subsequently, Mr. S. Shankar as President addressed the Alumni. He also expressed that irrespective of wherever the alumni of  PBPBT, from Guru Nanak College were located and worked, their participation for the institution can be in the form of Guest Lectures, Industrial visits, Projects, Training in their companies and Placements
  • Most of our alumni are entrepreneurs, designated as top level executives in leading core companies and software companies
  • All the Alumni’s were invited to the dais to share their experiences and some of the thoughts expressed by them were:  Felt very happy and joyful  Appreciated that the programme was organized in a planned manner  Felt happy while seeing the college again with vast development  All the Alumni’s Shared their employment details and recollected the services rendered by the senior faculty members when they were in the college 
  • One of the alumni suggested to have the Alumni Meet the end of each semester  to support with carrier guidance programme
  • Finally, at the end of the programme, Vote of Thanks was given by Mr.A. C. Tangavelou.
  • Lunch was provided to all the alumni and their family members. In general, the alumni have given a good feedback about the hospitality and food.


The Alumni play a vital role in Institutional  building. The relation of alumni and the college is like mother and daughter, even after the daughter gets married she will shower lot of love and affection towards the mothers home. To take a walk down the corridors of Nostalgia, the Fuchsia Alumni Meet 2017 , was conducted  by Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology

Alumni E. mail ID was  created by Dr. A. Sethuraman , Associate professor which  linked the Information regarding present job opportunities, academic requirements, recent trends in the field of Life science, higher studies guidance, etc., is posted in the E.mail ID. The reunion, aimed at alumni from the classes of 1986 to 2007 batch from which alumni travelling from all corners of the globe were invited to attend.

The first Alumni meet of Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology  was held recently in the college campus on August 15th , 2017. Mr. Alphones, Dr.S. Natrajan, Dr. A. Sethuraman was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Prof. Alphones former HOD welcomed the gathering, and introduced all the faculties in the department to the alumini’s .  Welcome drinks were sponsored and served by Dr. S. Natrajan , Associate professor, HOD, PBPBT Dept. Later the Alumini were asked to introduce themselves, Mr. Kanabiran of batch 1987 apprised his  progress, changes and extensions in his domain and  academic disciplines, co-curricular and extra-curricular.  He also took this opportunity to invite all the alumni for the meets in the forth coming years. On behalf of alumni he also  assured that they will provide help and co operation to the college and the students in practical approaches.  followed by all alumni self introduction and their current profile status. Later Dr. A. Sethuraman took over the presiding where a new Executive body of Alumni Association was formed. Many of the Alumni expressed their willingness to select  Mr. S. Shankar as President , Ms. Shivashakari as Vice- president,and Mr. Dinesh Gajendran as Secretary. He also invited suggestions from the alumni to improve on the alumni activities and thanked the alumni for their active involvement. Also he requested the alumni to come and share their experiences and memories on the stage.

  A panel discussed  on the developing statergies that has to be fourthcome in the PBPBT department. Alumni promised to deliver expert lectures in emerging areas of technology.    Among the alumni who actively participated in this public exchange of ideas were Dinesh, Saravanan and Sreelekha. A feed back was also collected from alumni regarding the organizational aspects of the Meet and their suggestions for improvement in professional training in the Department of PBPBT. The Alumni Meet closed at  a very emotional note. However, everyone appreciated the efforts of Department of PBPBT in organizing the Meet for the first time. Everyone departed with the resolve to visit again and spread the message amongst all who could not visit this time.

Research Projects Received

Pharmacological investigation of Tabebuia regia   funded by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology.


ALUMNI 2017 - 1

ALUMNI 2017 - 2

ALUMNI 2017 - 3

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