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Tamil is an ancient and dominant Language of South East Asia belonging to the primitive Dravidian family with Rich culture , History and Literature. The Government of India has officially recognized  Tamil as a Classical Language. It is no wonder then, that since its inception in 1971. The Department of Tamil in Guru Nanak College has been attracting thousands of students who opt Tamil as their First Language. 
The Department offers Part – I Tamil as Foundation course for B.A., B.SC. & B.COM Classes. Since 2009, The Department also offers Basic Tamil as a Non Major Elective for Non – Tamil Students. Advanced Tamil is offered for Students who have studied Tamil as First Language upto SSLC.

Successive Heads of the departments

  • Prof. K. Govinda Samy 1971-1987
  • Prof. A. Ilamvazhuthi 1987-1994
  • Prof. T. V.Varadhan 1994-2007
  • Dr. K. Lakshminarayani 2007-2009
  • Prof. M. Siva Subramanian 2009-2010
  • Dr. M. Murthi 2010 to date


  • As  Ph.D . Guideship has been obtained, special attention to enhance research  activities in the Department.
  • To organise International seminars
  • To have interdepartmental, inter disciplinary academic activities


To Introduce  the students to the rich heritage of Tamil literature , culture and history  and thereby  creating  the Tamil consciousness in  young minds

Enriching their creative  and communication skills  & sensitizing the students to socio cultural ethos of Tamil society

Cultivate moral and social values in the young generation so that the graduated youth shares and serves his/her knowledge with the society around to build a prosperous nation.


The Department has been functioning with the objective to inculcate the spirit of the language and appreciation of literature, to enrich creativity and to prepare the students to face examinations. As part of its co-curricular activities, the Department Association conducts competitions , arranges lectures and cultural events to sensitize students in socio-cultural aspects of Tamil language.

Program Outcomes

Programs offered

Staff Achievement

Best RRC Program Officer ( Chennai Region) for the year 2012 – 13
Organised a Three Day National Seminar on Classical Literature with the grant of CICT,2014
Articles Published-25 , Compiled a Text Book, Associated With Media, Has worked as an ANNOUNCER  (part-time) in AIR.

Author of  6 Books &10 articles. Motivates and Guides Students For Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Examinations, Carried out an UGC Funded Major Project “ Epistemology & Ethnic science of Tamils thro’ classical texts”

Articles Published-15
RJ:anchoring Youth Programs in AIR. Anchors various Literary Programs

Articles Published 15,  Skillful in Tamil Computation ,creates blogs,  Tamil e Books and e Tamil Apps for Mobile applications.

Dr.N.Praveen kumar M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D
Author of 3 Books & 25 articles
Editor of ‘Puranadai’,  Idayveli  Literary magazines. Translated Poems & articles.
Conducted a Seminar on “ Chennai Lores “ and workshop on Poetry..
Worked as News Reader cum Translator in AIR

Author of  on Book & 8 articles. Conducted a Seminar on “ Chennai Lores “ and workshop on Poetry. Skilful in folklore & Theatre

Author of Two Books & Ten articles. Motivates students in Cultural activities. 

Autor of 12 articles and 2 Books
“MAGUDAM AWARD 2017”,  By News18 Channel for Best Social Work for his Organization ARIVUSUDAR educational service for the poor. . Conducted a National Conference on  Babasaheb Dr.Ambedkar .
Editor of BeemanadhiMagazine.

Dr.K.Amaresan (Shift II)
Author of  2 Books &15 articles 
Skilful in Folklore and Theatre, Street Plays.
Member of Editorial in Beemanadhi Magazine. Selected as Best Theatre Group to stage the Play in Thirupathi.


Student Achievement

With the guidance of the  Department ,Five of our students have published their Collection of Poems  

  • Kanneer Thekkangal, Muthukrishnan
  • Karuvarai kanavugal,Chinnapa
  • Kanneer vizhigal, Kannan
  • Vizhithedum vazhigal, Danalakshmi, 
  • Ver mulaitha ulakai, Pachondi

Nam yedu a bimonthly Literary magazine is being brought out by the students with Baburaj as the Editor.
Secured Runner up Place in Podigai TV ‘Zhagaram’  Talkshow
Staged a Debate in Royal TV on the occasion of 70th  Independence Day 2017
Staged a Talent Show in AIR , Youth Program, 2015.
Team of fifty students performed cultural programs in IBC TVon the occasion of Pongal -2016


Department Association Activities

.A HELP DESK is maintained in the department to give special attention to Slow learners. Students are encouraged to taken  additional  classes in the HELP DESK and have close interaction with the Teacher.
Teachers  motivate and counsel the Students  in the HELPDESK and have a close watch on the Students’  Progress 

Eminent Personalities are invited in the Department to give motivational Speeches to the students.

Study Circle – Bharathiyar padippu vattam
A Readers Circle has been initiated  in the Department to create awareness of book reading and intellectual activity among the students.  Students  share and debate  their views on recently read books. Best  Books are suggested and circulated among students to broaden their knowledge apart from regular Curriculum

Padaipaangam : 
Padaiparangam  is an innovative forum to bring to light the Creative works of Students.
 Every week  students gather on all Fridays  and stage their creative works Poetry, short Story and articles  for which constructive criticism and appreciation is given then and there. Students Read , discuss  and Debate on Current affairs and various issues

Preparation of Online study materials for students
The Department  Web Page has a collection of all first year and second year syllabus and explanatory notes  with education related web links  

Educative films :
Biographical, historical, cultural   Documentaries  and short films are screened every month in the Department . Students watch and later discuss and critically  analyze the content and making of the film.
Students are also encouraged to use all the online resources in the Department Computer
The Department also encourages and assist students in Publishing their Poems, stories and other writings, by 

  • compiling , Editing their work  
  • and find a suitable publisher

For aspiring students guidance is given in preparing for Competitive Examinations : TNPS & TRB

Prominent Alumni


Research Projects Received

Ph.D , Part –Time
Research Supervisors –

1 .Dr.M.Murthi-  

Research Scholar – Ms,Selvarosary pushpa.
Title :  Jo di cruz novelgalil Neythal Nila vazhviyal

2.Dr. K.Jeyaseelan 
Research Scholars 

1. V.Sivasankari :Sanga panuvalgalil vanika panbadu
2.N.Mohanraj : Sanga ilakkiyam
3.V.Suresh : Thamizh Hindu nalidhazh


U.G.C Funded Major Research Project- Dr. K.Jeyaseelan- 

Title : Exploring the Epistemology & Ethnic Science of Tamils.




Our Students in TV vivatha Arangam 2

Our students in TV vivatha arangam

1-Thiran Arangam

2.Thiran Arangam

3.Thiran Arangam

4.Thiran Arangam

5.Thiran Aranagam

6.Thiran Arangam

Educative Films shows (1)

Educative Films shows (2)

Educative Films shows (3)

Educative Films shows (4)

1.Vivekanandar Seminar

Vivekanandar seminar 2017 (1)

Vivekanandar seminar 2017 (2)

Vivekanandar seminar 2017 (4)






2. Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (1)

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (2)

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (3)

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (4)

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (5)

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (6)

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (7)

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (8)

Workshop On Folk Arts & Culture , 07.03.2018 (9)


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