Department of Master of Social Work - Shift 2


P.G Dept. of Social Work at started in 2016, Guru Nanak College located in Velachery, Chennai, South India, an Autonomous Institution, re-accredited at ‘A’ Grade by NAAC and is affiliated to University of Madras. The College is working as a unit of Guru Nanak Educational Society (Regd.).

The Department offers a two year Post- Graduate course in Master of Social Work (MSW) with three specializations - Community Development, Medical and Psychiatry and Human Resource Management and currently five full time qualified faculty members specialized in respective specializations serve the Department.


To provide a ‘student-centered’educational environment;achieving excellence in professional education, research and service andencouragethem to think critically towardsenhancingthe quality of life for individuals and communities; with a‘client-centered’ approach and evidence-based practice.


To envision a ‘person-centered social workers’ approach inadvocating with individuals, groups, families and communities for human dignity, human rights; andstrengthening them for social justice and social inclusion in a changing global environment.


  • To gain scientific knowledge about the dynamics of problems and issue in our society.
  • To acquire knowledge and gain understanding about Critical ideologies that lead to systematic domination and marginalization of vulnerable groups.
  • Necessary skill awareness, skills aiming at empowerment of people and skills in culture-sensitive method of social change.
  • Ability to apply skills in social work practice and social work research in different fields for achieving desirable change and development and empowerment of people.


  • To impart professional social work knowledge, skills and values to the students
  • To shape student’s personality as a holistic leader and a change agent in society

Program Outcomes

The aim of the Department is to transform the students with intellectual growth, enhance critical thinking, deliver insights into contemporary social conditions and build a career in Social Work with societal commitment.
Social workers work for government and non-governmental organizations such as community, counseling centres, schools, police departments, courts, hospitals, private practices, slums, mental health assylums, people living with HIV/AIDS and many other types of workplaces where they try to change social conditions and help the needy.  This demands thorough knowledge about society, personality traits of people, social policies and legislations applicable to the particular country, administration, research aptitude, entrepreneurship skills, social work at global level, and indepth knowledge in the area of specialization which make them expert in the relevant field.


  • The  course study for the MSW Degree Programme shall extend over 4 semesters (Two years)  93 credits


  • Theory course/ paper (Core, Interdisciplinary, Electives, Specialization, Extra- disciplinary papers)
  • Field Practicum (As core paper)
  • Research Project (As core paper)
  • Co-curricular components viz., Rural camp, Summer placement, Study tour and Block placement. (As core paper)
  • Students should also undergo the Madras University specified soft-skill course (As supportive courses) which are compulsory.



Staff Achievement


Student Achievement

Catharsis 2017 Bishop Heber College

The Bishop HerberCollege , PG and Research Department of Social Work , Tiruchirapalli, Conducted a program "CATHARSIS 2017"  A National Level Cultural Meet for the Budding Social Workers on September 22nd& 23rd 2017. 

The students of MSW, Department Social Work, GNC, took part in most of the events and also got prizes. The students secured the first prize in Quiz, second prize in Puppetry and third prize in Variety Entertainment, Congratulations to the winners. 


The students won second prize in Varity Entertainment and third prize Group Song.

The Hindustan college of Arts and Science Department our social work collaboration with NIEPMD conducted a workshop on “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITYon 3rd October 2017

MCC Synergy 2017

1 November 2017 Madras Christian College conference on “ VITALITY OF HR IN THE ERA OF DIGITALIZATION ”

Department Association Activities

MSW Programs – Dec 2017 to March 2018 

January 2018:

Street Theater Workshop:

A two day theater workshop on Street Theater was organized by the department for the 1st year MSW students on Jan 2018. All the 14 staff had participated in the workshop. The workshop gave a lot of confidence for the 1st year MSW students as they were preparing for the Rural Camp as they would extensively use street theater for giving awareness to the community during the rural camp. The resource person for the theater workshop was Mr. Paul Shambauk who is a experienced street theater trainer and works extensively towards mainstreaming subaltern art forms. 

Rural Camp: 

The 1st year MSW students went for rural camp to Serpananchery from 20-01-2018 to 27-01-2018.   During the camp the students did lot of awareness program in the village on the health and education among the rural masses. The students also did a Base Line survey on the socio economic status, Health and Livelihood of the following villages namely Serpanchery, Natarasupattu, Valaiyarkaranai and Appur. The students gained a good group living experience in the village and cooked by themselves and experience rural life. The students had visited local NGOs, Government Institutions and conducted programs schools in and around the village. Renowned social workers around the region had visited the students while they were there to share their experience to the students. The students were accompanied by the Faculty Members of Social Work Mr. Susai Raj and Mr. E. Horst Kharis.

Study tour to Ahmadabad : 

The 2nd year MSW students had travelled to Ahmadabad for their study tour which is a academic requirement. The study tour was from 3rd Jan to 15th Jan 2018. During the study tour the students had visited four NGOs , four  psychiatric  hospitals , two industries , six social work departments  in universities & social science research departments and  had visited renowned  social workers  to interact and  learn from them. The 2nd year MSW students were accompanied by Asst. Prof.  Ms. Preetha KV and Asst. Prof. Mr. Anthony Sagaya Raj. 

February 2018 

“Data Analysis using SPSS”

Twelve  of the MSW students had participated a one day work shop on “Data analysis using SPSS” , organized by PG department of social work at Chevalier T. Thomas Elizhabeth College for women, Perumbur. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Duraisamy, Head, Department of Economics, Madras Christian College. The workshop was on 18th Feb 2018. The workshop was very useful for the students are they were in the Data Collection stage of their research work. Students from 12 social work departments in the city had participated in the program.

Participation in National Seminar on Mental Health

The Social Work students and Faculty Members were invited by CTTE College MSW Students to participate in the National Seminar titled “Mental Health – Need of the Hour” on 20th March 2018.  Industrial Experts, Psychiatric Social Workers and Psychiatrists contributed to the seminar.

Topics of Stress and Mental Health were discussed in various for various age group especially how youngsters age are getting depressed due to the excess use of media.

Inter college competition at SDNB Vaishnava College: 

Fifteen of our 1st and 2nd year MSW students had participated in “SPARK 2018- EUPHORIA”, the inter college cultural festivals organized by the department of Social work SDNB Vaishnava college, Chrompet on 26th Feb 2018. Eleven social work departments from other colleges in the city had participated in the competition. The MSW students received first prize in the Street Theater competition and in Thematic Dance competition. 

March 2018 

Social Work Department Inauguration : 

The department of Social Work had inaugurated the Social Workers Association in the college on the 8th of March 2018. The name of the association is - SWASI (Social Work Association for Social Innovations). The association was inaugurated by Ms. B. S Ajeetha M.L. Advocate, High Court and Women Rights activist Ms. Nancy Thomas a child rights activist from Tulir. The Department Inauguration program was combined with the International Women’s Day celebrations and the days theme was on Women’s Rights. During the program the students sang awareness songs on women rights, performed Street Theater, Mime and Puppet show on women rights and child labour issues. About 240 students from other departments in the college had participated in the program. 


Rural Camp

  • As a part of the MSW curriculum, the Department conducted Rural Camp for the III semester students of 2016-18 batch for nine days from 29-06-2017 to 07-07-2017
  • Held in a village called Mathur, which is located in AcharapakkamTaluk in Kanchipuram District.


The Department of social work, Guru Nanak College along with ALERT observed ‘World First Aid Day’ on 11th September 2017. ALERT is volunteers based organization which has the aim of spreading awareness about first aid and medical emergency in our society with a goal “One in Every Family should be Trained in First Aid”


The Department of Social Work (MSW) observed “World AIDS Day” on 1st December 2016 in the college premises

Prominent Alumni


Research Projects Received



Field Visit 2017 (1)

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Rural Camp 2017 (1)

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Rural Camp 2017 (2)

Workshop 2017 (1)

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World AIDS Day 2017 (1)

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Data Analysis using SPSS 2018

Inter college competition at SDNB Vaishnava College 2018 (1)

Inter college competition at SDNB Vaishnava College 2018 (2)

Participation in National Seminar on Mental Health 2018

Rural Camp 2018 (1)

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Social Work Department Inauguration 2018 (1)

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Social Work Department Inauguration 2018 (3)

Social Work Department Inauguration 2018 (4)

Study tour to Ahmadabad 2018 (2)

Study tour to Ahmadabad 2018 (3)

Study tour to Ahmadabad 2018 (4)

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Study tour to Ahmadabad 2018 (6)

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