Rules and Regulations


Admission and Withdrawal

  1. Candidates who are admitted on the basis of qualification obtained from the other universities or bodies should fully satisfy all the prescribed conditions for admission and such admissions are subject to confirmation by the University. The provisional admission is entirely at the risk of the candidate. Candidates with qualifications from other universities or bodies should produce an eligibility certificate issued by the Madras University for consideration during admission.
  2. Students who are found to have obtained admission by false representations will be summarily dismissed with the for feiture of all the fees.
  3. No student will be permitted to attend classes until all the fees due by him/her have been paid.
  4. A student admitted at any time in the college should pay the whole fee for the academic year. A student who wishes to leave the college will be issued a transfer certificate, after clearing all the dues. If a student leaves the college at the end of th eacademic year, he will receive an attendance certificate.
  5. Fees due to the college will not be adjusted against the award of a scholarship that is expected from any of the agencies. Late payment of fees will incur a fine. The collegeauthorities reserve the right to cancel the admission of a student at any point of time without returning the fees, if there is any discrepancy between the certificate sproduced and th eentries in the application or any suppression off acts is discovered.

Attendance and Leave

  1. A student shall attend all classes regularly and punctually. If a student has to be absent for a valid reason, he should apply for leave before hand. When the absence is due to an unforeseen cause, application for leave must be submitted as soon as possible and in no case later than the first day of his return to the College.
  2. All leave applications must be counter signed by the parentor guardian. In the case of hostel students, the applications must be countersigned by the Deputy Warden. Attendance position of the students will be displayed on the notice board at the end of each month. Students are advised to check their attendance particulars. Ignorance of any such notice thus displayed will not be accepted as an excuse. Any discrepancy should be brought to the notice of the Principal in writing within a week for scrutiny.
  3. The annual certificate of attendance and progress required by the University for admission to the University examination will in no case be granted unless (i) the Principal is satisfied with the student’s progress and conduct and (ii) the student has attended not less than 75% of the total number of actual working days in every semester. Fee concessions and scholarships granted are liable to be withdrawn for lack of attendance.
  4. Condo nation for deficiency of attendance (that is, 65% to 74.9%ofattendance) will not be granted as a matter of routine. The payment of Scholarship amount is dependent on maintenance of 75% of attendance.
  5. Students who lose the attendance due to non-payment of fees will not regain the lost attendance on payment of fees. Such students whose names are removed from the rolls will however be re-admitted on paying the dues with fine, but will not regain their attendance lost in this regard.
  6. Candidates who have earned only 50% to 65% of attendance will be withheld from taking the semester examination, but may be permitted to attend the next semester after paying the prescribed fees. Students with attendance below 50% will be detained as per University norms
  7. Science students should have 75% attendance in the practical classes. Unless they attend the practical classes and satisfactorily complete the practicals as expected, their attendance will not be certified by the Head of the Departments concerned. In such cases they will not be permitted to take the University Examinations. The Head of the Department will submit to the Principal at the end of each term, a list of students who lack the necessary attendance. For extra curricular activities, practical attendance will not be granted.
  8. Attendance will be granted to the students who participate in any co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports, NCC, NSS, Competition etc., on production of necessary certificate within a week of participation. Such certificates should be routed to the office through the Head of the department.

Code of Conduct for Students

  1. Students should cultivate the habit of reading notices displayed on the various college notice-boards. Ignorance of any notice thus displayed will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.
  2. Smoking in the premises of the college, spitting, pasting posters, scribbling on the tables and walls, throwing of waste paper and rubbish, except in dustbins provided for the purpose, are prohibited.
  3. Bicycles, two wheelers, cars etc., must be parked only in the parking lots meant for the purpose.
  4. Any lost property found must be handed over to the Principal or Superintendent from whom the owner can reclaim it after establishing hisownership.
  5. Use of helmet is compulsory. Only riders wearing helmets will be permitted to enter thecampus.
  6. Under the Tamil Nadu Government Educational Rules the Principal is empowered to inflict fine, withhold attendance certificate and suspend or expel any student if considered necessary to doso.
  7. No student shall be a member of any organization or association not connected with the college without the prior permission of the Principal. No student shall take part inany anti-social or subversive activities. No student shall be a member of any political party nor shall he / she take part in activepolitics. A student contravening these rules is liable to be suspended or summarily dismissed from thecollege.
  8. Women students shall wear chudidhars / sarees only. Leggings are not allowed. Long hair should beplaited. Men students shall wear formal dress (pants andshirt).
  9. Each student of the college is required to possessan identity card which is issued by the college at the time of admission and it will be valid for three years.
  10. The Identity Card should be displayed prominently by the Students. Entry to the campus can be refused if Identity Card is notdisplayed.
  11. Duplicate Copy of identity cards are normally not issued. Hence, students are advised to keep their identity card safely. The college will not be responsible for any misuseof the identity card by any one when it is lost or misplaced.
  12. The academic year consists of 2 semesters.Tuition fees and other fees applicable are payable in full for both the terms as per the instructions from the college office. It is one-time payment made at the beginning of the academic year. If the fees is not paid before the last date with fine,then the defaulter’s name will be removed from the rolls.
  13. For readmission, in addition to fees and fine due, a re- admission fees of Rs.5/- will be levied. The student loses attendance from the date on which his name is removed from the rolls.
  14. Breakage charges in the laboratory and for any loss of books in the library must be compensated as per the instructions of thePrincipal.
  15. The college authorities reserve the right to increase the tuition fees and other fees as directed by the competent authorities. The Students leaving the college any time after thefirstterm shallnot claimrefundoftuitionfeesforthat year.
  16. All possible caution should be exercised while handling the laboratory equipments . Any breakage, damage or loss to equipment should be reported to the staff concerned immediately. If the student fails to report, he will be held responsible andfined.
  17. Awrittenapplicationgivingfull detailsmustbemadeby the students to the Principal for the issue of certificates. Pass certificates for university examination should be obtained from the Universityonly.
  18. Railway concession forms for eligible students will not be issued after the last workingday.
Issue of Certificate Amount in Rs.
Duplicate Identity Card 100.00
Bonafide Certificate 50.00