College Prayer

Deh Shiva bar mohe ihai
Shubh karman te kabhu na taraun
Na daran arr siyoo jab jai laroon
Nischai kar apni jeet karaun
Arr sikh haun apne hi mun-ko
Eh laaluch hau gun tau uchraun
jab aav kee aud nidhaan bannai
at hee rann mein tab jooz maraun

O God, grant me this boon
may I never refrain from righteous acts
that I might fight without fear of all foes
and with firm resolve claim victory
may the directive of Thy glory guide my mind
and my highest ambition be to sing Thy praises
when the time comes, for this mortal life to end.
may I die on the battlefield fighting courageously

O God, We thank you for this day and,
for bringing us all together
to start this week’s activities with a prayer.
We pray in a very special way that you will bless
all the students in our studies and
help us to be good children to our parents
and obedient students to our teachers.
May we carry on our work with diligence and
help to serve the society in which we live.
Be with us as we travel to college and as we return
home,  guard us from all dangers.
Give us the strength to fight temptation,
and to keep away from evil thoughts, words and deeds.
Bless our College, Elders, Teachers,
and all who contribute to our growth and welfare.