Guru Nanak Centre for e-Governance


Guru Nanak College, has established an efficient and effective e-governance system by incorporating latest technologies for the smooth functioning of the institute. As a part of e-governance initiative, GNC-IMS (Guru Nanak College – Integrated Management System) project was initiated to integrate all frameworks into a single system and to make the e-documentation and e-processing full-fledged, thus making the Campus into “Paperless Campus”. The System acts as a Central Repository /Documentation Centre and supports the management in decision-making and helps the institute to adopt to the changing trends in technology in the field of education sector. The modules are designed by an in-house team in an intricate, dynamic and customizable format and ensures security features. The project has been implemented in the areas of Administration, Academics, Research and Extension.

Team Members

Dean Christy Jeyakumar P
Deputy Dean Lakshmi Devi P
Asst. Coordinator Ganapathi Bala Subramanian S
Asst. Coordinator Balaji P
Asst. Coordinator Sankara Narayanan M
Asst. Coordinator Sharmila S