Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission


The vision of the college is “to provide quality education to all, especially to those from the less privileged background; to build a community of individuals who are responsible citizens; to motivate the students to work towards a harmonious, just and equitable social order; and to equip them to face challenges with courage and commitment”


  • To impart knowledge which is empowering, value – based and holistic in nature
  • To sensitize the students to environmental issue thus motivating them to be conscious of environment
  • To create a vibrant academic atmosphere which focuses on teaching, learning, research and outreach programs.

Providing quality education by

  • access to high quality value based education
  • developing personality traits
  • imparting knowledge and skill to all the learners irrespective of caste, creed, religion or wealth
  • equipping the staff through need based training
  • ensuring continual growth in the system by teamwork and periodical reviews.