DBT Star College Scheme

Department of Biotechnology - Star College Scheme

The Star College Scheme was initiated by DBT in 2008 to support colleges and universities offering undergraduate education to improve science teaching across the country. This Scheme was launched for improving critical thinking and encouraging ‘hands on’ experimental science at undergraduate level in basic science subjects. On a larger perspective, the scheme was initiated envisioning that it shall encourage more students to take up higher education in science. Through this scheme the Department identifies colleges with potential for excellence and provides support for developing infrastructure for academics and laboratory activities. This support is in turn expected to invigorate teaching and provide unique exposure of students to experimental science. Starting with a meagre 30 colleges in 2008, this pan India scheme has supported science departments in more than 300 colleges all over the country till date.

Overall, it has been observed that the support received by colleges have resulted in a considerable decrease of student dropout rates in science subjects. Keeping in mind that this is the only scheme implemented by the Department to support science education at the undergraduate level, the Star College Scheme acts as a gateway and provides exposure to students about other schemes of the Department (and the GOI) to support higher education (post graduate level), graduate research (Ph.D.), post-doctoral research, international exchange programmes, short term industry-oriented training courses in science. The scheme also acts as a catalyst in igniting young minds (faculty and students) to engage in networking, exposure visits to research institutes and industries and apply for research grants in order to prepare them for future challenges after the successful completion of their undergraduate courses.

Name of the College : Guru Nanak College (Autonomous)
Name of Departments Supported : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology and Plant Biology & Biotechnology
Name of Coordinator : Dr R M Ezhilarasi
Designation : Associate Professor & Head, Department of Chemistry
Address : Guru Nanak College (Autonomous), Chennai-42
Phone Numbers: 9444120232

Objectives Achieved

  • NR grant of ₹. 50,00,000/- was utilised for the purchase of equipment to provide hands on experimental work to students in the departments involved in the project. (Entered in Stock Register)
  • From Recurring Grant of ₹ 15,00,000/-, ₹.14,90,294/- was utilised for the purchase of apparatus and books. Total number of books purchased – 953
  • Travel and contingency grant of ₹.3,00,000/- was utilised for the purpose given.
  • Students underwent a number of training programmes – 44*
  • Industrial visits - 21*
  • Projects undertaken by students - 60*
  • Training programmes attended by faculty -137*
  • List of seminars, exhibitions, training course conducted by college -72*
  • Resource person / Guest faculty visited -124*

Qualitative Improvements due to DBT support

  1. Increase in number of equipment has enhanced the hands-on experience to students and they were able to understand the concepts clearly. Students have greater access to library books as more copies have been purchased.
  2. Visit to research labs and industries provided visual experience to students on various instrumentation techniques and also provided a strong platform to students in acquiring professional and technical skills adding to their theoretical knowledge.
  3. Guest lectures arranged have given a clear idea of recent trends in research and have motivated many students to pursue higher studies.
  4. Talent fest helped the students in enhancing their organizational skills and also honed their leadership qualities.
  5. Demonstration kits purchased under the scheme has enlightened the students to visualize the subject and helped them to understand the subject better.
  6. Due to the financial support from DBT many teachers were able to attend FDP and participate in National and International Conferences.
  7. Laboratory manuals were prepared and labelling of trees in the campus carried out.
  8. Programmes on organic farming, mushroom cultivation, detection of adulterants in food items were arranged and a number of students benefitted out of them.
  9. Workshops on preparation of phenyl liquid, washing powder, shampoo, cleaning powder, hand sanitizer, food items enhanced the entrepreneurial skills of the students.
  10. To nurture and preserve nature, a mega event on seed ball preparation was carried out and the prepared seed balls were distributed to all.
  11. Financial support given by DBT, helped the students to undertake minor projects which ultimately increased their interest in doing research

Annual Report

  • 2018 Re-accredited “A” Grad
  • 2018 Re-accredited “A” Grad
  • 2018 Re-accredited “A” Grad